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open futures  strategic foresight tailored to your needs

Transform the future's uncertainties into a robust business strategy

Take a broader view.

Explore the future with strategic foresight.

Gain competitive edge over companies that use conventional risk management.

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Strategic Foresight: Adding Uncertainty Management

In today's volatile business landscape, success hinges on navigating through headwinds and turbulence – risks and uncertainties. Just like a kite soaring in the wind.

Now conventional risk management often falls short of identifying risks beyond the obvious, or their interaction. Not to mention uncertainties.

Strategic foresight is the tool that explores the future systematically. It brings all future trends, risks
and uncertainties together, from consumers and technology to socio-economics and geopolitics.


The Benefits: A Robust Strategy

Get an actionable picture of future possibilities. Discover hidden opportunities and necessary changes. Transform risks and uncertainties into a robust strategy, one that works across a wide range of futures.

How? With the Scenario Method

  1. By conducting thorough research into business-relevant trends, risks and uncertainties.

  2. By systematically exploring their interactions to identify 3 to 6 distinctive, plausible future scenarios.

  3. By determining what actions your organisation would need to take in each scenario, so that by aggregating them you will uncover the recurring patterns of change that drive a robust strategy.


When was the last time you put your organisation to the test of the future?

Find out how we can help your business
build a robust strategy in a changing environment.

Book a free meeting with our foresight director, Isabelle Vuong

through calendly, or write us an email.

« Dear Isabelle, we are very grateful for your tailoring and delivering the Cash Operations Future Workshop
Scenarios method to us and our CEE colleagues in October 23 in Prague.

Both us, as organizers and the participants got really engaged and found a lot of value in learning and applying the knowledge about future scenario creation with all it involves. We really appreciate your professionalism, your energy and the dedication you applied in your work, as well as the great, effervescent atmosphere you helped creating.

We believe our cash operations leaders will be able to apply the knowledge gained towards building flexibility in our approach of the future challenges. »

Rodica Guja and Kateryna Maznikova, International Efficiency Management, Raiffeisen Bank International

Our work

Strategic Foresight

Scenarios and strategy processes and workshops for different types of organisations.

The Scenario method

Discover the prime tool of strategic foresight

and our suggested workshops formats.


Sustainability workshops with different methods, from the UNESCO Futures Literacy Labs to self-developed methods.

The Futures Literacy Lab

Discover the well-known UNESCO method to enhance futures literacy, i.e. futures thinking.

« This session has been fundamental to the work of the Assembly: the futures outlined today will guide members in proposing the measures needed to achieve them. »

From the website of the University of Lausanne's Transition Assembly (in French)

organised by Competence Centre in Sutainability & Dicastère Transition écologique & Campus

« Very interesting session on the future perspectives of sustainable development. »
« The workshop helps me not only for the Assembly's work, 
but also in my private life. »

Participating members of the Transition Assembly

Our next public interventions


« Isabelle, thank you for your great AI Keynote, you inspired everyone! »


Markus Pilz, CEO Vectorsoft, Frankfurt-Heusenstamm

strategic foresight tailored to your needs

Isabelle Vuong,
Foresight Director

Isabelle Vuong is the founder of openfutures, a foresight consultancy with offices in Switzerland and Germany. She has a critical and inquisitive mind and a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of foresight (M.A. Freie Universität Berlin, 2020). Since 2021, she has been leading foresight processes and workshops in the (non-)governmental and private sectors. She has an eye for future trends and uncertainties beyond the obvious, and specific expertise in the fields of sustainability, the cash cycle, arts and culture, and democracy.

Previously, she worked as a manager in the cultural sector in Switzerland, notably as head of Reso, the national competence centre for dance in Switzerland.



Isabelle Vuong, CEO & Foresight Director


Lea Bergantinos, Communication Support


+49 177 522 19 86

+41 79 138 04 35

Berlin, Germany

Lausanne-Ecublens, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland 


We are a Member of different professional Foresight Associations:

World Futures Studies Federation

Association of Professional Futurists


Networks & Friends

Silicon Valley Europe, Darmstadt (DE)

A German IT Cluster of which Isabelle Vuong
is an Ambassador.

Themis Foresight, Berlin (DE)

A leading, German-based international Foresight Company and Think Thank

Zukünfte Bildung (DE)

A German Network in Futures Literacy

Alterna, Lausanne (CH)

A Sustainability Agency in Switzerland

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