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Scenario Workshop for the Future of an Architects' Office

A half-day Workshop for DOM architectes associés (25 people)

29.03.23, in French, Lausanne

Methods : Map of the Future, Future of Urban Planning in French-speaking Switzerland in 15 years (risks and opportunities), Scenario Method


Workshop Objectives: Team-Building and Strategic Scenarios

The workshop's objectives were twofold: it was both a team-building exercise on the occasion of the expansion of the team as well as the starting point for thinking the future of the architects' office from a sustainability perspective.

Team-Building with a Map of the Future in Space

Part 1 opened on an exercise that brought the whole team together on a map of the future in the space. Team members were invited to position themselves on this map in the area (among four alternatives) they considered to be the most important factor of change for the future of urban planning in French-speaking Switzerland.

Map of the future - Workshop at DOM, Lausanne, March 2023

Risks and Opportunities

In a second step, the team members deepened these insights by mapping more systematically the main risks and opportunities that will affect the future of urban planning in French-speaking Switzerland in 15 years from now, i.e. by 2038.

This was supported by our targeted research into future demographic and urban projections, local and regional authorities' climate and sustainability agendas, and construction workforce and skills futures.

Group Work: Desirable Future Scenarios

This collective work served as a common basis for work in small groups, which focused this time on the future of the architecture office itself. Each group was invited to imagine the future of urban planning in French-speaking Switzerland, and a corresponding scenario of opportunities, with a focus on sustainability, for the architects' office in this context.

Scenarios results – Workshop at DOM, Lausanne, March 2023

Sharing and Consolidating Results & Conclusions

Finally, each group shared its results, which we then analysed and prioritised together in a plenary conversation, before finally setting the next work steps for the architecture office.


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