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Futures Literacy @ the Kennedy Foundation's Annual Youth Summit on Climate and Human Rights

Future Workshop: "How could desirable relationships between developed and emerging countries look like in 2050 in relation to human rights and climate change?"

2.04.22, 10 am to 6 pm, University of Zurich, in English


What is the future of human rights in the context of climate change?

Which challenges and opportunities do we see for the next decades?

In particular: how can emerging and developed countries and regions build more desirable collaborations within the context of human rights and climate change?

And what can we learn from these futures for our action here and now?

This is the aim of the Futures Literacy Workshop that I led on April 2nd at the Annual Summit on Human Rights and Climate Change of the Youth Ambassadors of the Robert Kennedy foundation, in Zurich on 2 & 3 April.

About 15 young people between 14 and 26 years took part to the Summit.

Here is what the organisers of the Annual Summit had to say about the Futures Literacy workshop:

« Next to a lot of fun during the workshop activities, Isabelle introduced us to new creative ways of thinking about the future. Her tools and procedures taught us how to challenge the status-quo and be open minded in regards to possible scenarios of an uncertain future. We believe that in the fast paced times we live in, everyone should be ready to embrace the future with faith! » – Flurin Andri Martin for the Youth Ambassadors


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